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Detailed Explanation Of The Principle Of Lifting Table

Dec 25, 2020

With the development of science and technology, our office environment has been continuously improved. More and more intelligent office furniture and stationery have entered more offices. Among them, the lifting desk is often used now. , This kind of lifting desk is already a very common office furniture in the office now, then, what is the lifting principle of the lifting desk? Let me introduce you.

The structure of the lifting table

The lifting structure of the lifting table is very simple, consisting of a table corner, a motor, a table frame, a central controller, a hand controller, and a table board.

Lifting principle of lifting table

The external electricity is transmitted to the central controller, and then after the power is turned on, the central controller will control the positive and negative rotation of the motor. The corners of the table are generally divided into 2-3 sections, which are fixed together with the motor and are controlling the motor. The upgrade of the table corners can be controlled when it is running, and the table frames are fixed on the table corners. When the table corners are raised and lowered, the entire table will be raised and lowered, so that alternate offices can be realized.

Now many new technological products are constantly appearing in front of us, and are gradually expanding its use range. The use of lifting tables is also very common, so we can simply understand the lifting tables The lifting principle allows you to simply repair and maintain it by yourself in normal use.