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Conference Chair Selection And Display

Jan 23, 2017

Place has a lot of attention on the issue, due to be participants for meetings and a wide variety of meetings, so they have higher requirements for placing of chairs. Appropriate method, can improve the communication efficiency of the Conference, however, if the use of an inappropriate method, it is easy to cause is not easy to communicate, resulting in conflict.
For business meetings, based on specific objective to put the Chair of the Conference. If only very ordinary business dealings of a ritual nature, you can save the table, and two rows of chairs placed face to face between subject and object, so you can avoid a confrontational pattern. If you are using a sofa, you can create a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, business meetings at the negotiations if it is related to projects, chairs placed face to face, can make from the heart and a sense of equality, so it's best to schedule at the k bar table on either side, 10 between conference tables can serve to lighten the atmosphere, avoid the participants too nervous.