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Computer Chair Function

Dec 29, 2017

Computer chair function

Computer chairas one of chair, has a variety of classification and has been widely popular in people's work and study and production sites. It was a certain degree of ergonomics and conducive to health.

According to the general function can be divided into two kinds of computer chairs:

1) ordinary computer chair

Computer chairs usually can only meet the normal use of ordinary users, short-term access to the Internet;

2) ergonomic computer chair

The so-called ergonomic computer chair that is ergonomic design, as much as possible to fit the body's natural form, so that people can use the tool at work, the body and spirit do not need any active adaptation to minimize the use of tools caused by fatigue. Such computer chairs must meet the following conditions:

headrest is adjustable;

. Armrest can be up and down, and multi-level movements, making the hand and body with the ground and the computer desk to maintain the best position;

back to better fit the back, at desk for a long time, can effectively relieve spine fatigue;

. With lifting function;

. Cushion length and width and height of the chair must be customized according to the user. For example, Asians usually have fewer height and weight than Europeans, so Asians must meet certain standards and Europeans must have another set of standards. Such as black and white computer chairs for domestic use and export of computer chairs with different specifications and standards;

Thickening explosion-proof steel. Any ergonomic computer chair must be people-oriented, starting from people to personal safety as the first element, the main role of explosion-proof steel to enhance the role of personal safety protection;

. Gaslift must be SGS international certification;

. Base bearing capacity greater than or equal to 500kg.