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Computer Chair Features

Jan 23, 2017

A good computer Chair should have at least the following functions or structures. 1 to compare the strong skeleton, computer chairs, computer chairs to the surface of the cortex are of good quality, long-term use. 2, computer chairs inside the sponge to dense, durable 3, using ' body engineering design: high head design, avoiding the head cannot be relied on for rest of the problem, which ' foot has three right angles on the medical ' attitude. 4, the angle of the backrest can be adjusted to best when lying on the back is almost parallel to the ground. 5, the best a back and side, so ' attitude and comfort greatly improved, greater help to health.
Sort by fabric
1, MA Rong Chair: Chair, staff Chair, medium back Chair.
2, mesh Chair: early Chair medium back Chair, Conference Chair, the class a few years ago and more, this fabric Chair has better breathability, suitable for sedentary. Has been used in the staff Chair.
3, leather chair: Chair uses most. Leather: leather, leather of the points. 95% above is a leather.
4, anti-static chairs: chairs in antistatic treatment of the surface, or anti-static accessories and fabrics.