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Common Sense About Mesh Chair's Maintenance

Aug 29, 2017

First,Environment Ranges:This product is suitable for indoor environment,and not suitable for outdoor     environment,in order to prolong the chair's service life,please avoid to use it in high         temperature or humidity and dirty environment,keep relatively moderate temperatures and         humidity is ok.   

second,PU armrest can not use water or damp cloth to clean or excessive to much water.Daily           cleaning:use the dry cloth to wipe is ok.In that way,it can also avoided rust and operation is     not smooth.

Third,Do not let the PU caster to sliding on the humidity or dirty ground it will reduce it life and     mwde it peeling off.

Fourth,material are lubricuation by oil,Lubricuation effect will reduce by the useing time and using     frequency,for the all-aluminum material, you should better use the special cleaning agents,It     will prolong service life and without losing luster.

Fifth,Mesh maintenance: Avoid contact sharp instruments,such as:knives or keys.and away from sources     of ignition.

Sixth,Cleaning of spandex:accessory tools that aviod to use,for example:with rotating brushes,it may     damage the fabric.Aviod to use water or other liquid solution,it may damage the fabric.correct     cleaning spots or stains are:dry cleaner or use solvents. 

Seventh,good care and maintenance of leather:use the dry,soft cloth to cleaning the dusty,As for the      heavier dirt or dust,cloth have soap solution can be applied to the surface,but it very          important to wipe the surface immediately,to prevent fading and cracking.always keep the        entire leather surface clean, always promoting the dry air to prevent the crack of leather.