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Cleaning And Maintenance Of Office Chairs

Jan 23, 2017

1, maintained on a regular basis. Buy home leather Office Chair, first with wax maintenance office chair a protective film to avoid dirt, perspiration into the pores of the Office chairs, it is difficult to clean in the future, be careful not to use water to clean the leather Office Chair, a long time will cause leather to become hard, soft feel lost.
2, the stains will be clear in time. Monthly with maintenance wax will Office Chair clean maintenance once, summer of when, due to people sweating more, each week are should maintenance once, must not, Office Chair dirty has yihou again clean, that on hard clean to as has, Furthermore, many clean agent on cortex are is has hurt of, at clean Shi is hard see of, days long has on out problem has, real of leather Office Chair, its cortex is precious, like people of skin as, need heart to maintenance maintenance, only maintenance good has, you of leather Office Chair to long as new, For your enjoyment of life, do not use detergent to clean chairs, one is making skin color; the second is to harden the cortex.