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Are Standing Desks Worth It

Apr 07, 2021

First Of All, Take A Look At The Benefits Of The Standing Desk.

Standing desks are first widely used in European and American countries. Its greatest value is to help office workers bid farewell to sedentary sitting and realize standing office. As for the disadvantages of sitting for a long time, the most significant harms are as follows:

1. The hazards of the digestive system will cause significant digestion and absorption, and cause nausea, vomiting, acid reflux, abdominal distension, food accumulation or obstruction of the digestive tract.

2. Prolonged sitting for a long time will also compress the sciatic nerve and the lumbar intervertebral disc, leading to lumbar intervertebral disc herniation and bulging, which will make the lower limbs feel numb and numb.

3. Prolonged sitting for a long time will also cause the blood flow of the lower limbs to be impaired, which will cause arteriovenous embolism and capillary blockage.

4. Prolonged sitting for a long time will also cause the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular insufficiency and poor blood supply, which will cause the insufficiency of cerebrovascular blood supply and the harm of insufficient blood supply to the coronary arteries of the heart.

Recommend Several High-quality Atanding Desk



Electric Height Adjustable Desk


Main Selling Point

Fully cold-rolled carbon steel table frame design, sturdy, durable and more stable, even with a full load of 70kg, the lifting still does not freeze; intimate ergonomic design, handy to use; desktop lifting noise is less than 45dB; anti-leakage, with power-off protection And high power output,

Recommended Reason

1) Solid materials and construction

The desktop material of the WIWO D1 lifting table is MDF, and the surface adopts a diffuse reflection matte process, which can be very resistant to dirt, waterproof and easy to scrub. Even when the package was opened for the first time, there was no pungent smell. It can be seen that WIWO has strictly controlled the formaldehyde content.

The side of the desktop adopts a hemming design, and the workmanship is relatively fine, but the splicing seams can still be seen in the joint part, and we look forward to the further improvement of the craftsmanship.

2) The lifting column is hard and reliable

The two liftable uprights are still made of cold-rolled steel. The two uprights are very important, and everyone needs extra attention during the handling process. The WIWO lifting table uses a single motor, so the left column does not have a motor, just a hexagonal drive hole.

The motor is installed on the column on the right. The motor of WIWO D1 is independently developed in China, but it has been certified by European and American countries. The motor has features such as leakage prevention, power failure protection and high power output.

The materials and workmanship of the connecting parts of the column and the beam are as high as 4mm in thickness of cold-rolled steel, and the welding seam is also very smooth and thick, and there are no defects such as false welding. The screw part is also thick enough, so the materials and workmanship are enough to ensure the load-bearing capacity of 70Kg+.

3) The lifting height basically meets most needs

After the WIWO D1 electric lifting table is adjusted to the highest height, the actual test distance from the desktop is 124.6 cm. This height can be temporarily used as a bar counter for small gatherings. Of course, as an office user, it can meet Most people need to use standing office. After adjusting to the lowest height, the actual test distance from the desktop is 74.5 cm. For most people, there is no need to adjust the Lege E2S electric lifting table to the highest height under standing office, including those of 1.8 meters. Choose a comfortable height according to your actual situation. Typing is best to use your arm and Keep the desktop level.



The greatest practicability of the WIWO D1 electric lifting table is to realize the adjustment of different heights through the lifting method, which meets the needs of different groups of people, and also realizes the purpose of standing office. WIWO D1 electric lifting table is easy to install. Three different panels are available to meet the purchase needs of most people, and the overall material and workmanship are quite solid.



Adjustable Standing Desk Converter


Recommended Reason

1) Appearance design: The design of the WIWO C1 black version is very simple, showing a professional style all over the body. The operating table is made of black engineering plastics, and the four corners of the desktop are designed with rounded corners. The matte texture of the desktop, on the one hand, feels very smooth and has a good user experience, on the other hand, it can be scratched by hard objects on the desktop. The situation does not seem so obvious, of course, it also requires a certain degree of difficulty in order to scratch the desktop.

2) Load capacity: two 21-inch monitors + one tablet + one notebook + keyboard and mouse. The size of the console is 675mm*520mm, and it is more than enough to place a 17-inch laptop on top.

3) Elaborate design: On the console, WIWO C1 also carefully designed a groove, which can be inserted into tablets, mobile phones and other devices, so that it is convenient to view information in time, or to scan dramas during breaks.

4) Sturdy base: The base adopts aviation aluminum alloy frame structure. While maintaining stability and strength, it also reduces the weight to a certain extent and reduces the pressure on the desktop. The thick sheet also brings a stable center of gravity.

5) Lifting height: The pneumatic lifting rod can make the platform stop at any position between 160mm-425mm. For users of different heights, adjust it to a height suitable for their height.




1. The height of the platform can be adjusted by gas springs to meet the needs of people of different heights and different use environments. It has stronger versatility and alternate sitting and standing, which is beneficial to health.

2. The operation of the lifting platform is very simple and the hovering is accurate.

3. The fuselage is more powerful and expandable. The reserved interface can be used to extend the external boom, and then the large-screen display can be mounted to provide us with a better working experience.

4. The platform itself has very strong stability, which is also the first priority of this type of office furniture.

5. The overall design is very simple, and the details such as the base silicone pad are well considered.


1. If a small station wants to place this large lifting platform, the space will be a little tight.

2. It's heavier! The real material is visible.