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Are Gaming Chairs Worth It

Apr 07, 2021

Are Gaming Chairs Worth It

E-sports is now recognized by more and more people, and electronic equipment related to the e-sports industry is also being consumed. Many players who love games are imitating their favorite team members or anchors, as if using the same e-sports peripherals. , You can win the game. Even if you can't win, the sense of ritual must be full marks. In fact, a high-end comfortable gaming chair is now basically a standard configuration for high-end players. However, the market is flooded with inferior brand-name gaming chairs, and they also want to share the cake of the gaming circle. Many of them plagiarize brand gaming chairs in appearance, and the quality is not flattering. Many players suffer a blood loss just because they don't understand the key points of gaming chairs! In fact, the subject of buying gaming chairs only needs to pay attention to these five key information!

1.Overall Skeleton◢                                                                                       

Ergonomic Racing Chair (10)

A good gaming chair generally adopts an integrated steel frame process, which can comprehensively improve the life and load-bearing performance of the chair. At the same time, it will also do piano paint maintenance for the skeleton to prevent rust from affecting its life. If you are shopping online, you must pay attention to whether the manufacturer dares to put the skeleton structure on the product page. If you dare not even display the internal skeleton structure, you can basically give up the purchase.

2. Filling ◢                                                                                                      

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Gaming chairs generally use a whole piece of stereotyped sponge, which is suitable for long-term sitting. There are basically two classifications of sponges, native sponges and regenerated sponges; stereotypes sponges and ordinary sponges. Recycled sponge: As can be seen from the picture below, recycled sponge is the recycling and reuse of industrial scraps. It has peculiar smell, may contain harmful substances and endangers health. Poor sitting feeling, easy to deform and collapse. Generally speaking, the cheap chairs on the market use recycled sponges. Stereotype sponge: Generally speaking, ordinary computer chairs rarely use stereotyped sponge, and only some brand gaming chairs use it. The cost of shaped sponge is higher. It needs to open the mold and form one piece. Compared with the non-shaped sponge, the density and resilience are greatly improved, and it is more durable. Generally speaking, a chair with a higher density has better resilience and a more comfortable sitting feeling. The density of the sponge of ordinary gaming chairs is that when choosing gaming chairs, it is recommended to choose high-density native stereotyped sponges.


                                                          Recommended Products
Adjustable Racing Chair_


PU Gaming chair

  • Fabric material:leather

  • Product gross weight:16.64kg

Gaming Chairs

Ergonomic Leather Gaming Chair_

PU Gaming chair

  •  Foot material:Nylon feet

  •   Fabric material:leather


Gaming Chairs

3. Backrest ◢                                                                                                    


Backrest Generally speaking, the backrests of gaming chairs currently on the market are made of pu materials. The advantage of this material is that it feels comfortable and looks high-end. The disadvantage is that it is not breathable, and pu is easily hydrolyzed when exposed to water, causing the PU skin to crack. If you want to choose a gaming chair made of pu, you must choose a hydrolysis-resistant fabric. If you are particularly afraid of heat and sweating, you can choose the material of mesh cloth, and you are not afraid of sultry heat in summer. Combining the above four points, you can choose a more reliable, high-quality, and genuine gaming chair. 

4. Adjust The Handle And Chassis                                                              

Gaming Chairs (3)

Our gaming chair can be multi-functional, convenient, fast, and comfortable for you. The unique imitation racing handbrake style is full of momentum.

If the gaming chair generally uses a thickened explosion-proof chassis, it has passed the BFMA standard test, with a body-type control rod, a multi-layer control valve, a sealed air chamber, a high-strength alloy middle tube, and a thickened tube wall. The security is extremely high and it is totally worth relying on.

5. The Material Of The Five Claws◢                                                            

Gaming Chairs

At present, there are basically three types of five-claw materials for the chair: steel, nylon, and aluminum alloy. From the cost point of view, aluminum alloy>nylon>steel, but the materials used for each brand are different, and it cannot be said arbitrarily that aluminum alloy is better than steel. When purchasing, it depends on whether the five-claw tube wall material is used solidly. The five-claw load-bearing capacity of brand gaming chairs can basically reach more than one ton.