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Alternating Standing And Sitting Is A New Concept Of Healthy Office

Feb 01, 2021

The popularization of computers and the Internet has brought great convenience and fun to people's work and life. More and more people cannot do without computers and the Internet. As a result, many health risks have also arisen. Many people often sit in front of the computer for most of the day and are too lazy to move. Don’t know, if you sit for a long time and do little activity, many diseases will be induced over time. For example, cervical spondylosis, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, digestive system diseases and so on. Research by the International Diabetes Society in Melbourne, Australia, shows that even two hours of exercise a day cannot compensate for the huge harm caused by sitting still for more than ten hours. Therefore, experts recommend that every 1-2 hours of work, get up and exercise for 5-10 minutes, such as free walking, doing exercises, etc. Can effectively prevent related diseases caused by sedentary.

The electric lifting computer desk introduced this time was developed to cater to the current internationally popular "standing office" and to prevent many diseases caused by sedentary sitting. It is a table that can be raised and lowered at will according to your needs. When you are tired after sitting for a long time, you can adjust the table to a certain height to stand and work. It does not delay the affairs at hand, but also relieves the discomfort caused by sitting for a long time. . Let you really do it, sit and stand when you want. Work and health are both good.

Our company has always been committed to creating healthy and comfortable ergonomic office parts and entertainment products, which not only bring you the most natural and comfortable feeling, but also comprehensive care for your health.