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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Three Types Of Game Tables And Chairs

Nov 06, 2019

The use of xipi in the country has become very common, and in the past two years there has been a new tailor-made cyberbar leather: car leather. Here we look at the differences and pros and cons of these three leathers. The surface of the Internet coffee chair is made up of the leather of the car and the bottom of the Taiwan Gudaku. Car leather: Car special leather is different from ordinary leather. Compared with ordinary leather, thickness, softness, density, brightness and fullness are greatly improved. Leather fiber and pores are very small, density is good, touch is good, ductility and strength. Tensile properties, as well as high magnetic permeability. Hanpi: soft and easy to form, high tensile strength, good permeability, but easy to delamination (final contact with the surface), many customers can not reflect it in a year. Xipi: The term semi-PU is harder than Korean leather but does not layer, but it is easy to peel off and crack. Difference: See the end of pu pu from the corner is thicker than a lot of pvc, feels different, pu soft, pvc feels a bit hard, pu tastes much lighter than pvc. Car leather has overcome the shortcomings of Korean leather. It is PVC, no delamination, no skin, no cracking, no fading.