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Advantages And Design Of Gaming Chair

Aug 10, 2017


Product Advantages and design concept:

1. Fabric mix: According to the European chair expert comfort test results, the backrest use the of the soft leather usually be used to sports car , sit cushion with a slightly hard car dedicated carbon fiber leather material, seat side part still use g special particles for the sport car.

2. Color mix : Similiar with F1 racing car, corlor with classic red and black, blend black and white,the perfect interpretation of F1 spirit.

3. Visual effects: the fashion overall shape , not only the first-class practical, also have a first-class decorative effect.

4. Frame upgrade: on the basis of the original optimization of the internal frame, the overall part of the skeleton thickened 1 mm, make the chair more comfort and more secure.

5. Filling foam upgrade: the first use of dedicated racing car seat foam, through the 100,000 times durable experiments withour damage.

6. high straight back: different with most of the computer chair of low back, solve the big problem that head and neck can not have a rest , but also to keep your hips and waist at right angles sitting to meet the medical profession egronomic design.

7.Adjustable angle of 180 degrees: you can adjust the backrest to any of your comfortable angle for rest; it can even put nearly 180 degrees, so that you can lying down, rest and sleep; especially for a long time office work of computer use.

8. Adjustable armrest: arm can be adjusted to the appropriate height, effectively avoid the problem that fatigue of shoulders and wrist even the humpback.

9. Five-star metal base: it's free to move, safe and strong, rich in metal texture and modern atmosphere, as "mobile office" has brought great convenience. Pass the 1136 kgs BIFMA test make the secure gurantee.

10. Height lifting function: the seat can be adjusted to the most comfortable height, according to the height of the desk or computer desk. The super flexibility can bring you a wonderful life.