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About The Problem Of Internet Cafe Games Tables And Chairs

Oct 28, 2019

1.200 square meters of Internet cafes, how many seats can be placed?

A: It is most reasonable to arrange the single seat area of the Internet cafe to 2.5 square meters. In this way, 200 square meters of Internet cafes can be laid out up to 80 seats. However, due to factors such as the layout of the Internet cafe, the design of the walkway, and the design of the Internet cafe box, 200 square meters of Internet cafes generally have 60 or so seats.

2. How do Internet cafes arrange their unique styles?

Internet cafes with different styles are more conducive to the operation of Internet cafes. To create a unique style of Internet cafes, you first need to find a good professional design company. In addition, it is to find a good custom manufacturer of Internet cafe tables and chairs. Because the unique style Internet cafes must be matched with different Internet cafe tables and chairs. This is only possible for those manufacturers of Internet cafes and tables that focus on the development of Internet cafes and tables, rich in design experience and leading in production technology.