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About How To Select The Internet Chair

Feb 01, 2018

1.Internet chair cushion

Good cushion have a high cost, the normal internet chair use the memorized foam, so the internet chair suppliers will do something with the cushion. Good cushion generally thicker and have a concave curve to adapt the buttocks, good cushion not only have good supporting and protective functions but also comfortable sitting feelings.Especially Fanzhong furniture production the car seat, concave and convex, more close to the butt. The current market is good choice of line-shaped cushion, sitting comfortable and also conducive to heat.


The back of internet chair should also stress comfortable feeling and security, some of backrest are very loose, even slight shaking can produce noise, those chairs not only easy to damage, but have a security risks.

3.Skeleton part

You must be attention to the skeleton part of the chair if you buy a good internet chair, as usual, good chair working word frame have 32 tube, the wall to reach 2.0mm, the back shelf is best to reach 1.8mm, such chair is durable.

4.other details

Other hidden parts of the internet chair and small details can not be ignored, if found that rough parts, or even rusty, it is certainly inferior products.