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A Treasury Knowledge Of The Cleaning And Maintenance Three Types Computer Chair Solve The Home Furniture Troubles.

Aug 18, 2017

A treasury knowledge of the cleaning and maintenance three types computer chair solve the home furniture troubles.

1.Mesh computer chair

Whether at foreign country or homeland,the main streams are ergonomic chairs. In order to protect the health of the human body in all directions, the material of computer chairs is mainly mesh. Directly the mesh computer chair is more breathable than leather chair so that it can make the people sitting long and boss more comfortable. Therefore, the type of the mesh chair is common in the office.

The aspect of maintenance: Usually, dont put scissors, knives and other easy to break mesh on the mesh chair. If there is a good condition, add a dust cover on it .

As the ways of the cleaning the chair, it is not easy to clean the seat. But some high-end computer chairs with full mesh seat and without foam are easier to clean. Almost computer chairs have seat with foam in the homes and offices .So there is various ways to clean and it depends on different family. There are two ways for you choice as follows:

The first way is suitable to family without aspirator.

Firstly , clean the dust with feather duster

Then ,pull a litter detergent into water ,put the duster cloth in the water and twisted more dry.

Then , Wipe the chair several times with the duster cloth.

Finally, dry. To quickly dry, you can also consider the use of hair blowing hair, but do not blow too long

The second way: suit to family with aspirator, especially high temperature cleaning machine

The steps as follows:

(1)cleaning the dust firstly. From the overall adsorption of dust particles. No vacuum cleaner, with feather duster and other dust care, but also for the overall dust.

(2)Dilute the detergent, also inject into the tank, and then full spray cleaner.

on the computer chair cover.

(3)Leave the detergent stay on the computer chair for a while, leaving the stain out of the fiber.

(4)Wash with a high temperature cleaner and then dry it with a dryer. If you do not have these electrical equipment, or use a soft brush gently wash, and then air-dried.

The above methods are suitable for general household. In the professional cleaning company, they also have a variety of more professional equipment. In fact,the clean-up methods are similar, but they have more professional equipment.

2.Leather computer chairs

Leather computer chairs are mainly divided into leather and artificial leather. If there is a good condition, you can order profession coat to protect it.

The sample way:

As to these leather chairs , we should pay attention to the cushion avoiding to dust in the daily life, if conditional, we can wipe the seat cushion, backrest and armrest with wet towel. As more stubborn stains, you can add some pH detergent for cleaning, such as the daily use of fruit detergent.

The other way : high-end leather chair with profession equipment

The high-end leather chair have to clean it with profession equipment:a special steam engine and a special cleaning agent.

 Before cleaning , you can test in the inconspicuous to observe whether the leather faded. If fading, we have to use other methods.After cleaning, we should give a layer of protective liquid on the computer chair to prevent the re-infiltration of dirt into the cortex pores Secondary pollution. In the choice of protective liquid, it is best to use a leather computer chair dedicated liquid soft wax, otherwise the cortex will become hard to quickly aging.

3.Cloth computer chair

Cloth computer chair is a popular fashion computer chair with a comfortable touch and warm. And it is loved by white-collar women. The methods of cleaning cloth computer chair are same to the mesh computer chair. The material of the cloth chair is different from the mesh . it has a hollow grid, so it is more difficult to clean. Of course,there are some special design, for example, the following black and white linen computer chair, itself can be body wash, easier to clean up. In addition, if you have a friend in the cloth field,it will be easy to understand how the cloth computer chair clean up.