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2017 Modern Chair Ergnomomic Office Lift Lock Control Chair

Aug 14, 2017

The most important part of the game is the computer chair

  The rise of online game,let more people to join the ranks of playing games. The game has become a place for teenage entertainment and relaxation. And surrounding services  which is around the game is also become hot, one of the most eye-catching was the computer chair, gaming chair. The rise of this auxiliary equipment is mainly due  to it is comfortable when sitting up, playing the game is also easy and not tired. This is also the main purchases goal of many live platforms or live studio . Of course, at first they will be the gaming chair as the first  points of choice , after all, it is called "gaming" chair. Nowadays, with people's understanding of ergonomics, the discovery is that the game chair is not the only chair which is suitable for playing the game , and other similar the computer chair ,is more suitable as game chairs and anchor chairs.

   Computer chair is the name of the chair that is the front of the computer, and such chairs are generally used in ergonomic principles, from the  material selection and even the design, are completely based on the design of human bones, only one purpose, that is to reduce the cervical pressure which is provided of ordinary seat, to help the human body bone can stretch more naturally. In the game industry, because the game time are generally as a long time-based, it will inevitably appear cervical spondylosis and so on if things continue this way  .  In the past, it is found that the gaming chair is the general computer chair, just is more cool in the designs , mostly in black or dark blue color, the purpose is suit to the game ,play the effect of mutual reference. But is not optimistic for the situation about the bones.

   Bone stretch is natural, and for the general gaming chair is not possible to do this. Because the game chair is more inclined to the cool  of the design, and did not increase efforts to put on  the chair‘s back, frame, headrest, armrest and other details . Like, Kang Gong computer chairs, ergonomic technology applications ,put your back against the chair, the natural stretch of bones, play a natural effect. This is the best and the most comfortable state. the design of adjustable headrest ,  adjustable armrest , and even the adjustable base cushion and so on, are very hommization, according to the needs of different people to adjust the different locations,  offer comfortable become more comfortable, playing games is not only relaxation and cool in physically and mentally , but also your own cervical spine.