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2015 New Office Conference Chair Black Mesh Ergonomic Chairs For Back Problems

Sep 11, 2017

Health Analysis of ergonomics chair

With the development of business, many people are working in the office for nearly ten hours a day , people participate in the activities of the frequency is getting lower and longer, over time, people are facing more and more health risks.

 Many people sitting in the day will keep the trunk and thigh was 90 degrees, over time, more or less will focus on common discomfort: back pain, blood circulation slowed down, obesity, arthritis and oxygen intake caused by dizziness Wait. And more people, I believe that there will be the next situation, with the words of the older generation, sitting did not sit like, but no matter how, as long as their own comfortable on the line. But I do not know, so feel comfortable, but in fact, the damage to your body will be larger. Long-term maintenance of this position will cause a lot of health problems.

Traditional chairs will not consciously maintain an incorrect posture, long-term to maintain such a position will cause a lot of health problems. And a good ergonomic chair can help people correct the sitting position, exercise the back muscles and promote the blood circulation of the legs, and even if the tightness of the back of the chest is also relatively light, so can ease the body's fatigue, enhance the body vitality. Ergonomics is a science and technology on the coordination of science, he first is a concept to practical products as a product design of the starting computer, requiring product shape, color, performance, etc., should be around the human physiology , Psychological characteristics to design, so that the design of products and the environment to better adapt to and meet the physical and psychological characteristics of people, so that people working feel more comfortable, safe and healthy. In essence, is to make the use of the product as far as possible for the natural form of the human body, so that the user's body and spirit does not require any active adaptation, to minimize fatigue, more comfortable and safe. With the ever-changing technology, around our human health and the emergence of ergonomic products will be more and more.

The shape of the ergonomic chair is designed according to our physiology and spine curvature. The selected fabric material has excellent ductility and can quickly return to its original state. High-tech materials and advanced engineering can cater to all types of people with minimal adjustment. So that the risk of fatigue, pain, and discomfort is greatly reduced by the bad posture.


When sitting on the ergonomic chair, the angle between our trunk and the thighs is larger than the angle of sitting on the traditional chair, and the legs are tilted forward. This design can make the pelvis also tilted forward to maintain the body's natural and natural lumbar, can help the back to maintain a normal physiological curve to reduce sedentary muscle tension and spinal deformity. After the angle between the trunk and the thigh is opened, unlike the traditional 90 ° angle of the sitting position, it can relieve the tension caused by maintaining the wrong posture and reduce the oppression of the blood vessels to maintain the overall blood circulation and metabolism, especially the lower limbs Blood circulation, which is also sedentary after the reason why the feeling of cold or physical one of the reasons.

Ergonomic chair in line with each person and office space. Simple operation and ergonomic design, so that users can have the most comfortable feeling and the best working condition. When we sit down the mesh will stretch in both directions and will naturally fit our contours; this will be able to evenly distribute the pressure on the cushions and the back of the weight. Ergonomic design, is conducive to ensuring that you are sitting properly and your health, designed to follow the natural contours of the human body, breathable, non-iron suspension fabric, continuous support for the waist, so that the weight of the distribution of high-grade materials can be recycled , Modern style, match any space.


Ergonomic chair generally use one-piece molding of the elastic fabric, this fabric can fit the curvature of the human body and continue to provide support and weight dispersion effect; and non-elastic fabric can not be extended can not fit the physiological curvature. This may result in poor sitting and increased physiological stress points, and in the long and repeated use of non-elastic mesh deformation, sinking. The comfort of the ergonomic chair is unmatched by the traditional foam cushions. Just three simple adjustments to meet your personal needs: seat height, backside tilt and tilt tension.