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2015 New Office Conference Chair Black Mesh Ergonomic Chairs For Back Problems

Sep 04, 2017

How to adopt the "nine degrees" election body mechanics chair

The good ergonomic chair is designed according to the structure of the human body, and our work, especially in the office , most time is sitting in the office chair, so a chair's comfort is very important, The good chair should be free to adjust, by adjusting the headrest, backrest, chair surface, cushion and handrails to achieve the greatest degree of comfort. Office chair style a lot, in the use of more freedom, the same an office chair (computer chair) can play different functions in different spaces. That in the selection of ergonomic chair when I should pay attention to 9 degrees.

Method / step

 Stability of office chairs:

      Attention that the chair can deal with  of the structure of the treatmen parts in the details, you know the stability of the chair. In particular, a single chair to chair the main support for the chair, but also should pay attention to structural problems, such as cards, screws and other joints check, are very important. It is recommended to buy the user personally try to sit, and slightly shake the body, to experience the stability of the chair. A good ergonomic chair, just like him, a ride, let you put it down.


Depth of office chair:

     More formal occasions, people are  have more correct posture. And the person's sitting to be correct, you need to sit in front of the chair more "shallow" position. If at home, people will be more relaxed, this situation can not be done deeper. So when you buy should sit first, try to seat the whole body when the depth of the feeling, you can know whether it meets office needs. It is best to choose to sit deep can adjust the office chair. Just like it, sit deep can be smart to adjust, so that your comfort increased n times.

Height of chair legs:

   This is related to the length of the user's foot, of course, in addition to the bar chair class high chair, the general seat of the seat height will not be too exaggerated, but if the unit does have short stature people have to be considered. Do choose to adjust the chair can be adjusted, it can achieve lift regulation.

Adjustable headrests:

    Headrest height and rotation can be adjusted, and is ergonomic design of the surface, allowing users to naturally fit the head of the cervical pillow, standard sitting sitting position, relieve cervical pressure, improve the quality of work, when the height of the head pillow fully support your cervical Department for the best position. Look at it is so designed.

Height of armrest:

When you are seated, if you are accustomed to the hands of the hands of people, may wish to choose a lower armrest or no armrest office chair; but if you like to shrink the whole person in the middle of the office chair, then the armrest is higher, Chair, probably the best choice. But no matter how healthy chair is the best choice, so the arm can be smart adjustment is a wise choice. Like it, lift, angle, or before and after the adjustment, as you choose.

Height of the back of the chair:

Like the person who can sit in front of the stool, but also can choose a low handrail and low back chair, then the occupant's center of gravity will be in the human waist; if you like to focus on the back and therefore rely on Back on the words, you may wish to choose a high backrest office chair, this time can also see whether the height of the backrest near the neck. Sometimes the height of the chair back in the vicinity of the neck, but let the user habitually neck to 90 degrees on the back of the back, so that it is easy to cause neck damage. If you want to solve the above problem, then choose to adjust the backrest is the key to solve the problem.

The slope of the chair:

      Although the impression of the office chair seems to be cushions and back to ninety degrees, but in fact most of them are slightly backward, the whole person sitting in a chair. Leisure performance more office chairs, the slope is greater, people sitting on the side like a chair lying on the like. If you want to make your life work full of freedom and flexibility, then choose to adjust the ergonomic chair can be adjusted, sitting more comfortable.

    The softness of the chair:

      Note the comfort of the cushions and backrests. If you do not attach the cushion, the back of the office chair, directly to see the hardness of the material itself. The additional part will pay attention to the use of the internal filler for what, and try to sit up after the feeling. Look at it, the use of imported high-density mesh, flexible, breathable also filled with toughness, not only that, the front of the cushion is also attached to high-density elastic sponge, comfortable support thighs, no indentation, promote blood circulation, sedentary plastic hip.

Waist pad settings:

The general office chair is not set up waist pad, even if the set is not adjustable; then the high-end office chairs will pay special attention to waist pad set, not only to flexibility, breathable, but also adjustable to meet the needs of different users can make the waist Get effective support, to maintain the lumbar flexion physiology, balanced lumbar, waist muscle pressure, reduce strain, increase somatosensory comfort, prevention and improvement of lumbar discomfort, good for the stability of the spine. Followed by the waist pad is not too thick to 10 cm height of the cushion as well. So that the body back pressure, just compressed 5-8 cm, the most consistent with the lumbar physiological lordosis. Too thick will cause excessive flexion of the lumbar spine And its design is indeed good.