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What kinds of game chairs are there?

Oct 25, 2019

Seat is the most important configuration of Internet cafes. If all the Internet cafes use sofas, the procurement cost is high, and the floor space is large, which affects the hospitality of Internet cafes. So what about Internet cafes? In terms of styling, cost, and practicality, this is a good choice for Internet cafes. In Internet cafes, computer chairs are used at a much higher frequency than sofas. Let's take a look at the types of computer chairs in Internet cafes.

1. Internet cafe bow chair, five-jaw chair

The so-called Internet cafe bow chair actually refers to the foot of the computer chair, which is made of bow-shaped steel pipe. The use of the bow chair is very wide. In addition to the frequent use in the Internet cafe, the bow chair also dominates the office chair. The five-jaw chair is the most widely used computer chair in Internet cafes. It has better bearing capacity, convenient movement, excellent stability and far superior quality to the bow chair.

2.Internet cafe chair lift

Most computer chairs used in Internet cafes have lifting functions, and for e-sports chairs, free lifting is the basic function. The Internet cafe computer chair is equipped with a lifting function to meet the needs of different heights.

3.rotating computer chair

Rotating function is also a function of many computer chairs, and the rotating computer chair is usually equipped with lifting and armrest adjustment functions in addition to rotation. The angle of rotation of the rotating computer chair used in Internet cafes is also different. The common ones are 90-degree rotation, 180-degree rotation, and 360-degree rotation.

4.mesh computer chair

The mesh computer chair is generally a seat used by the Internet cafe in summer, and has the characteristics of good air permeability and fast heat dissipation. The seat and backrest of the mesh computer chair are made of mesh.

In addition to the four computer chairs described above, there is also a multi-function computer chair in the Internet cafe chair, which is a multi-functional design with functions such as rotation, lifting, adjustable armrests, free rides, and reclining chairs.