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What is the most comfortable game table and chair height?

Nov 05, 2019

Nowadays, there are fewer customers in the Internet cafes and the competition is fierce. In order to retain customers, we must pay attention to all aspects, including computer configuration, air conditioning, food, health and so on. The comfort of the table and chair is an important part. The height of tables and chairs in Internet cafes is the deciding factor in determining whether it is comfortable to sit on the Internet for a long time. Usually the height of the computer desk is about 80CM, the height of the chair, the distance from the ground to the seat cushion is generally 45CM, which is the basic height configuration in line with human physiology. Of course, people's height, leg length, fat and thin are different, you can choose There are several customization methods, but this height is the most basic to meet the requirements of most people. You can observe that when people are sitting, they all look the same, and both men and women look the same. For example, some 180cm big men can sit at the same level as the 165cm uncle. In fact, this is because people are tall and high, most of them are determined by the length of the legs. The waist is almost high. You are short because The legs are shorter than others. In addition to some particularly high people, such as Yao Ming, his upper body is longer than the average person, but when he sat down, you found that the gap with him is not so big, in fact, because Yao Ming has a pair of long legs.