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What are the characteristics of the game?

Nov 01, 2019

The main product features of the esports chair are:

1. E-sports chair fabric: According to the soft and durable leather specially developed by Internet cafes, e-sports halls and offices, the seat cushion adopts a one-time foaming process, which is not deformed for a long time, comfortable and durable. Filling sponge upgrade: Depreciation of domestic high-density cold foam sponge, the first use of imported racing seat special sponge, through 100,000 times extrusion without deformation experiment.

2.Color mix and match: you can customize the color mix to create your own personality. The existing colors match the overall style of fashion, not only practical first-class, decorative first-class, achieving a perfect transition from pragmatism to new visualism.

3.Steel skeleton upgrade: optimize the internal frame on the basis of the original, the skeleton part is thickened by 1 mm, the comfort is improved, and the safety is more secure.

4.Backrest angle: make up for most of the computer chair low back, head and neck can not rely on rest, while maintaining your hip and waist at right angles, to meet the medical profession recognized the first three right-angled posture An important right angle. Adjustable to 135 degrees.

5.3D armrest: the armrest can be adjusted to a suitable height, so that the elbow joint of the keyboard and mouse for a long time is 90 degrees, which satisfies the second right angle recognized by the medical profession, can rotate the angle of the PU armrest surface, and the handrail is at the handle. Strong PU soft surface.

6.Five-star foot: the use of colorful nylon five-star feet free to move, safe and strong, modern style, with silent pulleys.