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Walking Desk is Healthier for You?

Nov 14, 2020

However, there are downsides even to standing that should be considered as well. 

Too much standing, without enough movement (especially if spending many hours standing in high heels), can lead to varicose veins, deep-vein thrombosis, knee- and hip injuries, and blood pooling in the legs.

Walking on a treadmill desk is healthier than sitting or standing all day.Anyone who has ever had to staff a trade-show booth knows that standing on your feet all day hurts a lot more than walking the aisles all day as an attendee. Walking slowly throughout the day boosts your energy level and productivity, soothes joints and muscles, and keeps your metabolism at a healthier level. Imagine this same difference but for every day of your working life—that’s the kind of world a treadmill desk affords you.

Of course, working at a walking desk for too long carries some of its own drawbacks. Just as sitting or standing for too long isn’t good for you, neither is spending an 8-hour workday on a treadmill. The very best advice we can give is to switch up your position throughout the day. That’s why our favorite office setup here is a sit-stand-walk desk, where you can easily switch between sitting, standing, and walking, without interrupting your work flow. Sit when you must, walk when you can, and stand in between. If you spend roughly a third of your day in each of these three positions you will be optimizing your health. The good news for treadmill deskers is that merely stopping the motor will convert their workstation to a standing desk, a two-for-one deal.