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Teach you how to select a comfortable Office Chair

Jan 23, 2017

1. choose can improve fatigue design computer chairs
Principles of high quality and full use of ergonomic computer Chair, head restraint, seat back, seat, seats, handrails and other core parts of the human choreography designed, fully meet the chairs used during the body's physiological needs, and both free adjustment function, comfort of 95%, from the root out of fatigue, improve occupational illnesses caused by sedentary.
2. Select raw materials quality assurance of computer chairs
Quality computer chairs using raw materials have excellent quality guarantee. Aluminum alloy such as ISO9001 certification; mesh material, good ventilation, not only against heat, easy to clean; pneumatic rod, through the SGS certification, can withstand a pressure of 150KG, by United States BIFMA certification; chassis parts after leaning back 120,000 pressure before and after testing. Therefore, quality computer chairs, durable, less prone to ageing, and maintenance is simple and convenient.
3. choose details, and fine details of the computer Chair decision quality, a computer chairs looked comfortable and classy, detail must have the same fine, hard. Small details the same computer chairs shall not be vague. Prong design such as chair legs, an area much larger than four, ensuring the stability and security of chairs, than six-claw is flexible and convenient. Body material is never cut corners; chairs flexible, smooth, smooth; some hidden part exquisitely. If you would like to purchase a level seat looks, so detail is when you purchase one of the considerations.