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Select a suitable office chair for you to stay away from cervical lumbar vertebrae disease

Jan 23, 2017

Office staff due to the heavy workload and a lack of exercise, leads to low back muscles weaken. Orthopedic exercise experts recommend that everyone should adhere to the waist, do more activities extension, rotate around the waist. But activities not too sharp, so that it will be more likely to cause prolapse of lumbar intervertebral disc.
Office staff to select the right office chair, so you can try to reduce lumbar-sacral strain. Dongguan DIC furniture office furniture industry suppliers specializing in angle resolved for you.
How should we select Office chairs? Good office chairs have any standards?
Dicko ergonomic office chairs Office furniture designer noted that a good comfortable chair for the base and back and armrests have higher requirements.
Good office chair bases hard, strong support. From a scientific perspective, the General height of the base from the ground in the 40-45 is the most reasonable, specific methods can be measured with shank. General Shanks sits in a Chair can be natural in the distance from the floor is the best. In addition to base seat back is a big key. Nice back curves and people matching the curvature of the spine, back high enough upper convex can entrust the cervical spine. So when we choose can be measured according to the above criteria.
In addition to the above two handrails is also a key factor, a good office chair armrests should support helped characteristics in addition to the elbow, and shoulder muscles are less likely to strain.