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Internet cafe games tables and chairs should have the characteristics

Oct 30, 2019

As our living conditions improve, people's hardware conditions in life are getting higher and higher. The same is true for chairs. Many people like to play games in Internet cafes, but sitting for a long time can cause people to feel sore, so the conditions for Internet cafe chairs are getting higher and higher. And Internet cafes are a place where people have a lot of traffic, and they need to ensure the cleanliness of the chairs. Let's talk about the characteristics that a chair that plays a key role in Internet cafes should have:

1. Comfort in sitting and sleeping The comfort of Internet cafes varies from person to person and varies with age. In general, young people prefer softer Internet cafe chairs, while middle-aged and older people prefer slightly harder Internet cafe chairs (although in general, the proportion of young people surfing the Internet is still much larger than that of middle-aged and older people). In addition, some people like to lie on the chair of the Internet cafe, then the height of the backrest of the Internet cafe chair and the depth of the seat cushion also have corresponding requirements. Therefore, Internet cafes can also be partitioned, and Internet cafe chairs can also be hierarchical. Different chairs use different chairs. Or you can also change and adjust the height of the Internet cafe seat appropriately. You need to choose the Internet cafe chair with the air pressure lifting device; adjust the seat height according to the height and leg length. Adjusting the backrest of the bar chair gives us a more natural and comfortable back. The proper adjustment of the height of the backrest and the angle of inclination allows us to maintain a more comfortable sitting position. Adjustment of the seat angle. Good function The opening angle of the backrest and seat of the bar can naturally slow down the pressure on our legs and back, and promote blood circulation and breathing.

2.The appearance of the problem Internet cafe tables and chairs should be designed in line with the preferences of contemporary young people (previously said that young people online more than the elderly, so according to young people's eyes) can not engage in some adult antiques, to buy some fashion Bright and comfortable internet cafe tables and chairs.

3.The quality of the chair problem Quality must be good, after all, Internet cafes are a place where personal traffic is very large, chairs can not have problems.

4.The cleaning of the chair Internet cafes daily traffic is very large, Internet cafes sofa is also relatively easy to dirty, Internet cafes directly affect the mood of Internet users, if the Internet cafes are bad and dirty, no one is willing to go, Internet cafes are Internet cafes The item with the highest usage rate. It is necessary to wake up the chair frequently and simply maintain the cleaning. It can be wiped with beer, toothpaste and expired milk.