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International high quality game table and chair improvement

Nov 07, 2019

A good Internet cafe can have a lot of popularity and attract a lot of consumers. Although some Internet cafes have good computer configuration and Internet cafes, they don't have a lot of popularity. Many Internet cafe operators are confused about the reasons why their Internet cafes are unpopular. In fact, the Internet cafes have various factors such as the overall environment and location atmosphere.

But they don't know. The most attractive place for Internet cafes is the game tables and chairs. How can Internet cafe tables and chairs improve its popularity and appeal? Perhaps many people did not think of the Internet cafe tables and chairs and comfortable Internet cafes. Yes, according to the Internet cafes, the Internet cafes players will have psychological effects. Internet cafes decide whether players like the Internet cafe environment and comfortable. Internet cafe tables and chairs will decide whether the next Internet café players will choose this kind of Internet cafe consumption. Reasonable and unreasonable placement of Internet cafe tables and chairs will affect the psychological impression and psychological comfort of Internet cafes, which will affect the online selection of Internet cafe customers. In fact, many Internet cafes and Internet cafe owners do not know what rules to place in Internet cafe tables and chairs. So we made a few suggestions.

The first is the area we are most familiar with. The area is placed according to the different areas of the environment. Tables and chairs are placed in a different area. For example, the competition area of the Internet cafe must be dense and reasonable. Otherwise, it is likely to cause the player to have no competitive tension and special atmosphere. Will achieve the purpose of the partition.

Followed by the region, the general Internet cafes tables and chairs and Internet cafes and Internet cafe tables and chairs have the right size. For example, two single rows are 160 * 55cm and two people sit at 160 * 110cm. Covering an area that is neither wide nor narrow, the width will increase the cost, the repair will also affect the appearance, and the narrow Internet cafe players will cause discomfort. Then the Internet cafe tables and chairs must take into account the cleaning and cooling of the machine.

Finally, it is recommended to consider filling pads to keep them clean or to replace stickers. The height of the table is generally about 1 meter, which will increase comfort. To comfort, almost everyone goes to the Internet cafes to play games, so be sure to choose a comfortable Internet cafe tables and chairs, liberate their spine and lumbar vertebrae, and prevent them from harming their health by sitting in front of the computer for a long time. For example, the back of a packed Internet cafe can liberate the liberation of every part of the human body. It is also convenient to sit in front of the computer for a long time and relax your spine as much as possible. Some Internet cafes will design a headrest sofa, which can backrest and finally liberate the spine and prevent the spine. Too tight, but affecting everyone's comfort can cause the body to be too tired.