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In addition to the comfort of the game table and chair, what is most important

Nov 07, 2019

The profitability of Internet cafes and dining tables has had a decisive influence on Internet cafes. If you want Internet cafes to be invincible in the competition, then you need to work hard on Internet cafes, tables and chairs.

1.Convenient wiring: The construction workers in front of the board can conveniently and easily perform wiring work on the steel frame, which not only eliminates the cumbersome threading under the desktop, but also ensures the wiring quality, improves the wiring efficiency and saves the wiring time.

2.Easy maintenance: disassembly structure to ensure computer equipment, network cable, line maintenance is simple. 

3.The chair chassis and backrest should be flexible enough and guarantee a sufficient number of years. 

4.The cyber cafe table and chair skeleton should be durable, guarantee the service life for more than three years. 

5.Anti-theft performance: to ensure that the computer is not easily smashed by the main chassis. 

6.heat dissipation: to ensure that the host is completely cooled, if not special needs, the two hosts are best not to be discharged into the chassis. 

7.Solid stability, not easy to pull, to ensure that each Internet personnel can not change their table and chair position, or a group of tables can not be used in the process of random drag, both cases may lead to wires, cables closed, affect the Internet, damage The host even caused a security incident.

The above is the choice of tables, chairs and chairs for Internet cafes. When you need to pay attention to the details of several properties, if the choice of Internet cafe tables and chairs and chairs take into account these, then it is an excellent café game table and chair.