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How to repair the game sofa damage?

Oct 30, 2019

Internet cafe sofa is a kind of high-loss Internet cafe supplies, whether it is a leather Internet cafe sofa or a fabric Internet cafe sofa, it is easy to be damaged. After all, the Internet cafe environment is a huge traffic environment. People of all kinds can't talk about maintenance, so there will be problems with the damage of the Internet cafe sofa. What if the Internet cafe sofa is damaged? The following examples are combined with examples to analyze from several aspects. How should the leather sofa bar be damaged?

If the damage is serious, or because of the quality problem caused by the damage of the Internet cafe sofa, go to the maintenance staff or find after-sales, this is the most professional person. First of all, you can go to the furniture city to find a good reputation Internet cafe repair business, or find the factory you buy the Internet cafe sofa after sale, as long as the quality problems, generally will be well resolved.

Depending on the situation, we can also solve it ourselves. If the leather Internet cafe sofa or the fabric Internet cafe sofa is accidentally scratched or smashed by the sharp weapon, there are scratches or serious holes. It affects the overall aesthetics of the Internet cafe sofa, and may not continue to deteriorate if it is not repaired. Under such circumstances, the repair of the sofa should be based on the specific circumstances, shape and size, try to choose a piece of leather of similar size and color, and apply professional glue to solve it. Then, you can go to the supermarket to buy a special leather sofa spray paint, find the right color for your repair.

Some fabric sofas can be directly covered with a sofa cover, which protects the Internet cafe sofa, and because the sofa cover has the advantages of dustproof dust, clean and convenient, and low price, and it is not so afraid of oily stains. It is equivalent to replacing the sofa with new clothes and protecting the sofa. If the sofa is scratched, you can buy a sofa cover and cover it to prevent further damage.

Take the corrugated sofa of the Internet cafe as an example, and list some specific methods for reference.

(1) Cleaning: Use a leather cleaner to clean dirty dirt before repairing.

(2) Filling: You can fill the inconspicuous depression with the repairing paste. The specific steps can be used according to the detailed instructions.

(3) Adhesion: A blister is formed according to the scratch damage of the leather, and the adhesive is first bonded using an adhesive. When bonding the draping, be sure to pay attention to the time and operation methods, and pay attention to the details.

(4) Toning: There is a net bar sofa that is naturally falling off, so it needs to be painted. Leather coloring requires the use of repair pigments (eight colors) to match the color of the leather. As long as you jump to adjust to the same color, there is no special requirement.

(5) Color correction: This is a re-repair of the previous method, based on specific circumstances.