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How to maintain your game table and chairs

Nov 05, 2019

Caring for all materials

Keep all cafe chairs out of direct sunlight. Direct sunlight can cause material to fade over time. If the temperature becomes hot enough, it can also cause warping or cracking. This brings us to the next rule.

Keep the cafe chair away from heat. The sun is the biggest source of heat you have to deal with, but what your family needs to pay attention to is the heat source in your home. Fireplaces, heaters, etc. can damage your valuable internet cafe chair. It is safe to keep at least 50 cm between your cafe chair and all heat sources.

Now we will introduce the protection of specific materials. Preventing spills and damage is always the best way to keep your cafe chair in good condition for a long time. But sometimes you can't stop your messy relatives from messing around.

Take care of the timber bar chair

If a leak occurs, use a absorbent cloth to absorb the liquid.

Do not use any "universal" cleaners. This sometimes does more harm than good.

What you should do is clean the spots on the dry cloth that cannot be picked up with a damp cloth. After doing this, dry it with a dry cloth. Never let water immerse in wood. This can damage the wood. If there are multiple spills, clean and dry a spill at once to avoid letting the water immerse in the wood.

Soap - a mild dishwashing detergent - can be used for deeper cleansing. Once again, use a damp cloth, but this time use a little soap to clean up the mess. Then continue to use a different damp cloth - just water - rinse the soap from the wood. Dry the water with a dry cloth as described previously.

Sometimes bread crumbs and dust inevitably enter the gaps in the bar chair. You can use a vacuum cleaner to reduce the suction and make your cafe chair as good as the new one.

Cloth Internet cafe table and chair cleaning tips

The anti-slip cover provides an extra layer of protection between your meal and the bar stool. We currently offer a variety of color slides for Grace's bar tables and chairs. These can be easily cleaned in an emergency. The non-slip cover also makes it easy to change colors and mix your internet cafe furniture.

You can use a warm, damp cloth to clean the spill. Gently press the fabric onto the fabric of the cafe chair and gently drain. Don't rub it. This can make it worse by making the stain deeper into the fabric.

If water alone does not solve the problem, use mild detergent and warm water to clean the spots. Rinse with a damp cloth and let dry.

A low suction vacuum can be used to clean the cracks in the cafe bar.


Protecting velvet is a bit trickier than cleaning other types of fabric. Habitually brushing your teeth with a soft brush can keep your velvet velvety for a long time. Just brush in one direction to remove dust.

In the case of an overflow, it is sometimes possible to use a vacuum with a brush attachment set to a low suction. Follow the nap vacuum - blurred surface - for best results.

If further cleaning is required, mix a small amount of dishwashing detergent with water and mix the mixture well. The goal is to create a lot of foam on top of the mixture. When finished, use a soft cloth to clean the spots with soapy water only. Make a mess of this place. Snoring, face up, and let the spots dry.

As with other fabrics, low suction vacuum cleaners can be used in cracks.


Clean the spill on the leather with a clean cloth. Superabsorbent fabric works best. Dishwashing soap should not be used. If you have to use soap, you can use leather-specific soap.

Regularly plastering your leather chair can keep them feeling and look glaring. Dry cloth is suitable for this task. You can also vacuum under low suction if needed.

For tougher spots or just general stickiness, use a small amount of water and cloth to clean the spots. Once it is clean and dry.

For scratches, you can sometimes use a clean finger to gently rub the scratches in slow motion.

There are leather protection products that protect your leather bar chair from stains and new sensations. These products are usually used once every few months or so.