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How to choose the right game cafe table and chair

Nov 07, 2019

To create a new Internet cafe, in addition to the unique decoration style, but can not be ignored is the Internet cafes on the hardware devices, and we talk about Internet cafes, Internet cafes and the right way to buy tables and chairs.

The disadvantage of a normal seat is that the complex desktop computer is cheap, but it does not meet the strong requirements (can be used in some areas of the Internet cafe). Internet cafes are not suitable for Internet cafes. The price is too high, and almost release some harmful substances and pungent smell is not conducive to the development of Internet cafes. The Internet cafe computer desk with materials such as steel and tempered glass is more suitable for long-term business. Not only is this product structurally strong, it has a long service life, and tempered glass is easy to clean.

Second, the Internet cafe computer chair has the right to buy the Internet cafe tables and chairs according to certain design standards, so that it should pay attention to the following points when purchasing. 1, Internet cafe tables and chairs and Internet cafe tables and chairs design taking into account the overall environment of the Internet cafe tables and chairs and Internet cafes give a comfortable and relaxed feeling. 2, Internet cafe tables and chairs and Internet cafes attendance rate Internet cafe tables and chairs and chairs, in order to effectively improve The attendance rate of Internet cafes, 3, the design of Internet cafe tables and chairs must give those who sit for maximum comfort for a long time, because the dissatisfaction with the environment will ultimately reflect the frequency of Internet users patronizing Internet cafes. The detailed design of the table and chair should take into account the customary actions that the Internet users often take, and the habitual posture, which is the most convenient for the user. 5, Internet cafe tables and chairs users' Internet cafe tables and chairs can improve the user's sitting posture, is the most important part of the Internet cafe design.

The safety chair backrest should allow the user to maintain the 90-degree angle of the spine and legs, as much as possible to avoid problems such as back pain caused by long-term sitting.