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How about multi-function Office Chair

Jan 23, 2017

Everyone knows the harm of electromagnetic radiation on human immune cells, human exposure to power isolation of one meter to zero correctly, can achieve without harming the body's immune cells. Guangzhou Golden velvet tree Guo, Director, head of technology technology introduction, gold velvet tree multi-function Office Chair with electromagnetic measuring instrument tested reached zero, will not harm any human immune cells. Whether visual effect of demonstrate intelligent Massage Chair, you can use special electromagnetic radiation detector on the spot.
Multi-function Office Chair using infrared systems released wavelength 5-15VM, deep in the body and tissue cells "resonance effect" so as to achieve significant health and treatment effects, easy to use, truly there where it hurts. Gold velvet tree far infrared heating cold and heating uniform, and quickly, power one minutes can up 38 degrees; useful and human health, promote metabolism, improved microcirculation, heating process in the can continued release anion, purification air; heating process in the no dry, and hot feel, heating of comfortable sex very good, low temperature radiation penetration, and far infrared physiotherapy, security high, no fire hidden, human penetration force reached 5 cm.