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Game sofa stain cleaning tips!

Oct 30, 2019

Internet cafes such as stains, how to deal with stains, such as stains, can be wiped off with a clean rag, in order not to leave a mark, it is best to smear from the periphery of the stain. The velvet bar sofa should not be stained with water, and the dry cleaning agent should be operated. Excessive sweat in summer, the pores of leather will receive the body's sweat, low temperature and humidity will make the organic matter in the sweat and the leather produce chemical reaction, easy to produce easy taste. It is to be wiped with a dry rag. When wiping the sofa, it is not possible to use an alkaline squeegee. Because it is acidic during the leather making process, the alkalinity will make the leather flexible and fall, and wrinkles will occur in long-term operation.

General nursery: A clean, soft cloth often wipes away fabric smudges or smudges. The crack at the intersection of the back, armrest and seat surface can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. Prevent the handling of wet cloth, hard objects or chemicals such as acids and alkalis from coming into contact with the fabric to prevent affecting the quality of the profile and the operating cycle.

If you create a loose thread, do not break it by hand, and operate the hinge to cut it neatly. If it is a movable mat, it is best to flip it once a week to spread the wear evenly.

Secondly, clean the sofa once with clean detergent once a year, but you must wash off the cleansing agent afterwards, otherwise it will be more easily stained with dirt. It is best to choose a special cleaning agent containing antifouling agent. The ironing cloth should take into account the appearance of the fabric, and the cotton jacket should not be ironed.