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Game chair production process

Nov 01, 2019

Internet cafe tables and chairs are very rigorous, and we must give Internet cafes a commitment to quality assurance. From the earliest raw material procurement to packaging and shipping, we are very focused on the details, we know that the details determine the quality. The Internet cafe chair looks simple, but the process is not simple.

1.The purchase of raw materials, some parts need national procurement, because each place has its own strengths, such as Anji, the production of the most durable handrails;

2.Forming the male frame and the back frame, and molding the shelf through an automated machine, the error will not exceed 1cm;

3.Seat cushion wood forming, the special worker is responsible for positioning the hole position, and then through the machine through the machine to accurately punch holes;

4.Cutting the bed, according to the master's template to cut the leather and sponge required by the chair into pieces;

5.Sewing, sewing according to the cut material of the cutting machine;

6.Back frame and cushion molding, special person is responsible for the car holster and other materials, complete assembly and molding, that is, become a semi-finished product, and so on;

7.standard carton packaging, ready to ship.