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Furniture maintenance of six basic principles

Jan 23, 2017

1. the furniture should be placed in the open air, dry place, keep away from ignition sources or damp walls, avoid sun exposure.
2. dust the furniture, Duster to clear, and try not to scrub with water and, if necessary, can use damp soft cloth wipe, do not use lye, SOAP and water, scrub the detergent solution, so as not to affect brightness cause peeling paint or paint.
3. the Cabinet when moving furniture to lift it off the ground, and not pushing hard so legs are loose or damaged.
4. sofa, upholstery furniture in a dry place to prevent internal spring to rust, affected stretch.
5. don't do acid and alkali corrosive substances on the desktop, do not let water, aluminum pots, hot iron, etc.
6. the Chair available, should pay attention to 4 legs evenly.