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Farewell to sedentary, smart standing desk, let the body more healthy

Nov 17, 2020

Sitting and standing for a long time will make the cervical spine and lumbar spine bear great pressure. We face computers every day, back pain, the company's office desks and chairs can be said to be the most common kind, really hard and tired. At home, we also purchase the traditional desk, which can only be fixed at a certain height, which can not meet the needs of children. Therefore, a motorized standing desk will make the office more efficient with half the effort.

Our smart standing desk is very convenient, it changes the disadvantages of the traditional fixed desk height, so that the lifting becomes more suitable for users. At the same time, the touch button can adjust the height of the desktop in real time, and the screen will display the height of the current desktop in real time. At the same time, we can also set four memory heights to meet the needs of consumers with different heights.

For office workers, sitting for a long time is very bad for our body, which can lead to backache and leg pain, and eye bloating; while working upright, changing posture can adjust our waist and shoulders, which is very helpful.