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Choose the right game table and chair

Nov 05, 2019

Because people sit down and the height of the computer, the comfort of people in the Internet cafe is decided. Then, the right choice of Internet cafe tables and chairs has become a store worry. If you want to open an internet cafe and want to provide a more comfortable internet cafe, keep watching!

Nowadays, more and more Internet cafe owners have begun to choose some tilts. They can automatically adjust the height of the Internet cafes to replace the height of the fixed Internet cafes. The reason is that the Internet cafes are bound by the extension of the fixed form. Everyone has the same experience. No matter how comfortable the location. Sitting for a long time will feel uncomfortable, but sitting differently, you may wish to take a chair to automatically adjust the height of the cafe, so that individuals can adjust themselves.

Observe that the Internet cafe chair has a rotatable foot.

Internet cafe chairs, office chairs, and legs under the rotating chair on the floor, according to research data, the number of chairs and nets in the chair is very large, and the four-claw foot bar chair is easy to cause imbalance, while the six-claw is at the same time with the ground. However, the design is not good, because too many feet will visit the user, and the Internet cafe is the most suitable for the design of the chair.

The last thing is to see if the height of the Internet cafe chair is moderate and whether there is proper support.