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Avoiding Neck and Shoulder Pain and Carpal Tunnel When Using a Under Desk Cycle

Nov 25, 2020

Avoiding Neck and Shoulder Pain and Carpal Tunnel When Using a  Under Desk Cycle

Now take poor habits of working on the computer for hours on end—poor keyboard placement, incorrectly sized and positioned monitors, and so on—and have the user start walking while working with these same improper ergonomics. Soon, the carpal tunnels in their wrists and forearms constrict even more as their hands anchor to the desk to counteract the sway of walking. Reaching for a keyboard, now even further away from their bodies, causes their shoulders to round out even more, increasing the strain on the muscles in their neck and shoulders.

Unfortunately, very few office workers actually have proper ergonomic setups for their workspace:

Under-desk mounted keyboard tray set to the proper angle

Ergonomic keyboard and mouse

Properly sized monitor set at the proper height respective to the user

Standing desk, treadmill desk or Under Desk Cycle

Anti-fatigue standing mat

Part of the solution is to use a properly positioned and sized monitor while you are working. Ergonomic keyboard and mouse accessories are also crucial to help relieve and prevent muscle pain and strain.