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7 tips on how to maintain upholstered internet cafes and cafe chairs

Nov 05, 2019

1. Release your cushion

Your cushions are sitting, jumping up (if you have super active children) and often flattening because they are made of soft materials. When the material loses its shape, the decoration will also.

Therefore, they are loosened regularly by tapping, stimulating and lightly punching so that they retain their original shape and provide comfort in the next few years. It only takes a few minutes and the rewards are great.

Protecting the shape of your mat also helps keep your interior in top condition because the seams are not overstressed by strange shapes and twists.

The amount of fluff required for each mat is different, so there is more fluff for a truly soft fluff and less for a softer mat.

2. Avoid direct sunlight on soft padded internet cafes and internet cafe chairs

When your interior is made up of fine fabrics, leather or artificial leather, keep in mind that direct sunlight can ruin your interior when exposed for extended periods of time. Ultraviolet light in the sun can degrade the condition and longevity of your interior.

Occasionally exposed to the sun is harmless, but by pulling open the blinds or placing them in direct sunlight, make sure your favorite upholstered Internet cafe furniture is not harmed.

3. Flip your interior upholstery pad

You should periodically flip the cushioned cushions (seat and back cushion), depending on the frequency of use. You will find that your interior will wear evenly and your mat will last longer.

Please pay special attention to the center pad on the sofa of the three cushioned Internet cafes. People usually avoid the central seat - they prefer to sit next to the armrests. If your cybercafe sofa contains the same mat in all three seats, periodically switch the center mat with the side mats to ensure even wear, maintain the mat shape and protect the interior on the two side seats.

4. Invest in anti-pollution products for your interior decoration

Ask your internet cafe furniture seller and professional interior decorator about the nature and materials of your interior and the antifouling agent that works best for it. Antifouling protection for professional applications helps to make your interiors easier to clean as they provide a smooth extra layer between your interior and the materials that may contaminate it. This antifouling protectant also helps to reduce the damage of ultraviolet rays in the sun.

5. Regularly vacuum clean your upholstered internet cafe sofa and internet cafe chair.

The longer you avoid vacuuming the interior, the more serious the damage. Everything that dust falls in your home, including your interior. Whenever you sit in an internet cafe sofa and an internet cafe chair, the weight will make the dust penetrate into the fibers of the interior decoration. Due to the lack of maintenance for a long time, dust is like an abrasive, cutting and scratching your decoration on a microscopic level, resulting in faster material wear.

Therefore, whenever you are doing regular house cleaning, be sure to put the vacuum cleaner in order to provide quick cleaning for your upholstered internet cafe and internet cafe chair.

6. Attach the label to your upholstered Internet cafe furniture

For new Internet cafe furniture and new upholstered Internet cafe furniture, labels are usually placed on the interior decorations. This label contains important information about the style, fabric number, delivery date, body and padding content, all of which are important information for your next renovation or cleaning of upholstered Internet cafe furniture. Keep it in a safe place so that you can refer to it the next time you need it.