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Adjustable height standing desks are a wise investment for any person who spends more than a couple hours at a computer every day. A typical American can spend as much as 90% of their day sitting, and research has shown numerous health benefits associated with standing more. Standing burns more calories, increases circulation, and improves productivity and alertness. And studies show that hitting the gym a few times a week doesn't offset the damage done by sitting too much.

We also offer every desk accessory you could need to allow you to work in perfect ergonomic comfort with a unique style that is all your own. Our experts have carefully selected, tested, and even designed accessories for each desk type. These accessories are available for your convenience as options as you build your UPLIFT Desk on our website. You can even add a desk treadmill to help you get even more active during your work day!

Frame Height Range640--1290 mm
Table SizeW(1200-2000)*D800 mm
Frame Size W(1075-1800)*D600 mm
Package Dimension1080*320*220 mm
Payload120 kg
Net Weight29 kg
Gross Weight30 kg
Warranty5 years
Max speed40mm/s

Standing Desk

Standing Desk (3)

Standing Desk (4)

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Dual Monitor Standing Desk (3)

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