Electric Standing Desk Frame

The functions of rebound and stroke restriction in case of resistance, effectively guarantee the safety of use

Product Details
Product NameElectric Standing Desk FrameMotors1
Segments of leg2 segmentsLoad capacity800N
CertificateCE/ UL /ROHS /BIFMA/ SAAMax speed25mm/S
Height range750-1250mmNoise≤50db

Unlike traditional desks, the automatic lifting of electric desks is accomplished with the help of motors. This dual-motor lifting table has stronger power output during lifting, smoother lifting, faster speed and lower noise. Match with better performance.

Strong guarantee for stable support-frame

If the motor determines the lifting performance and experience, then the frame part provides the most basic stability and load-bearing capacity of a table.

Advantage of Electric Standing Desk Frame:

1. Double motors, strong and stable power output;

2. The lifting is smooth and smooth, the noise is low, and the experience is very good;

3. The fourth gear height memory, so that the height of the family is set, anyone can use it;

4. The functions of rebound and stroke restriction in case of resistance, effectively guarantee the safety of use;

5. Reliable material, environmental protection and strong load-bearing capacity.

The benefits of using an Electric Standing Desk

1. When standing, it can promote the blood circulation of the whole body to be more smooth, so that the whole body can get more oxygen and energy, and the energy will be more energetic. When standing, the energy will be more concentrated, which will give you a sense of urgency and concentration. .

2. When standing, open up the meridians of the whole body, and the energy of the whole body flows naturally, making the body healthier, making yourself more awake and thinking more clearly.

3. When standing, the spine is upright, will not bend the hunchback, maintain a good body shape, maintain a good figure, and also prevent myopia and allow you to have more time to rest. I used to sit to work and have been doing it for a long time. I'm all numb, and I don't know that I should rest. When you stand tired, you will feel it yourself. Tell yourself that it is time to rest. This will also improve your efficiency.

Electric Standing Desk Frames

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Electric Standing Desk Frame details

Electric Standing Desk Frame Detail

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