Under Desk Leg Exerciser

Speed Setting:4 speeds for your selection (15,30,45,60 rpm/minute),also the speed can be setted according to your requirement

Product Details

Product Name

Under Desk Leg Exerciser


ABS Plastic & Electronic components

Automatic Program


Rotate Counter


Safety Program

YES, When the machines auto-stops

for over 6 seconds, it shuts off automatically

Speed Setting

4 speeds for your selection (15,30,45,60 rpm/minute),

also the speed can be setted according to your requirement

Time Setting

5 kinds of time setting, from 10~30 minutes


Control with wire


1 pair of handle, 1 pair of pedal, a set of screw equipement

Suit For

legs and arms exercise


Relax your body, arms and legs rehabilitation

Advantage of Under Desk Leg Exerciser

1. The stepper can exercise the waist, buttocks, and legs at the same time, and realize the fat burning of multiple parts of the body on the same machine at the same time, and shape the perfect lower body curve.

2. Carry out stepping exercises to exercise the places that you don't usually move, such as the outside of the buttocks, the inside and outside of the thighs, etc.

3. Combine the functions of the waist twister and the stepper to exercise more parts and consume more calories in the same exercise time.

4. With an electronic meter, it can display exercise time, cumulative number of steps, number of steps per minute, calories (calories) at any time to keep the best exercise state.

5. If you are busy, you do not need to squeeze out special time to exercise in the gym. You can burn calories in multiple parts of your body while watching TV and listening to music. You can easily achieve the purpose of fitness and body shaping at home.

Display of Under Desk Leg Exerciser

under desk leg exerciser

under desk leg exercisers

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